July 4, 2022

The struggle with forgiveness and mistakes

The struggle with forgiveness and mistakes

This episode I chat with Marci about how she became a happier person and truly loving herself.  Her released book " the good stripper" will tell you more about her life. Don't let the tittle mislead you. We talked about the misfortunes in life and how it didn't tie her down. Accepting things as they are, but being the trust form of oneself through honesty, with herself and others. We live everyday though our lives making choices, We all do that. With some of those choices it comes with quilt time to time. Marci shares some of her stories on how to not worry about the judgment of others, that people who truly matter will stay.
 This is experiences we all share in some way and believe anyone who judge themselves too closely, or worry about others judgment on them.

"My book is dedicated to anyone who may be struggling to forgive themselves for the mistakes they made when they were just trying to survive."

marcis insta: https://www.instagram.com/marciwarhaft/

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