May 2, 2022

M'pack'd on Industrial farms with Ximena

M'pack'd on Industrial farms with Ximena
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In today's episode I discuss with Ximena Yanez Soto

Me (Zack) and Ximena talk about the effects on big industrial farms and the downsides of eating meat. Ximena has a story to tell, and to educate us all on her life how changing her diet changed her life from a disease.  Doing that she found her life mission on helping the world on "red meat" consumption.

To mention how amazing her story is. Her doctor (prior to her diagnostics )  told her she would have to take pills her entire life.  Changing her diet liberated her life, freeing her from the pills changing her life together.

Are we "brainwashed" by the government for their greed fueled by our gluttony?

" We did not inherent earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children "

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