March 19, 2022

M’Pack’d on Abortion with Kelsey Walker

M’Pack’d on Abortion with Kelsey Walker

In this episode I interview and chat with Kelsey walker and her story on the topic abortion.

Kelsey Walker started out her life in Kansas City before moving to Chicago with her family. The city formed her passion for women’s rights and nonprofit missions. She has since worked for nonprofits for the last 11 years, making her start doing search and rescue in New Mexico and climbing her way to become the Founder and CEO of From The Green Desk.

The mission of From The Green Desk is to comfort and validate women who are suffering as a result of abortion, child, infant or pregnancy loss. Through peer-to-peer services including coaching, group therapy, a blog, and a podcast, we will eliminate the ‘silent scream’ stigma associated with these losses.

From The Green Desk was founded after Kelsey's own experience with abortion. At 17 weeks they found out their daughter, Hope, had a genetic condition that caused every single bone in her tiny body to break into 90 degree angles and was threatening Kelsey's life, so they took the impossible option: abortion. From this experience she wrote Face Everything And Rise, a memoir.

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