May 14, 2022

Gyms and Personal Training with Mike Curry

Gyms and Personal Training with Mike Curry
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Oh boy, oh boy was this a fun interview!

    This episode I interviewed with non-other the less, Mike Curry. The Inventor of StrongBoard Balance brings not only his story of his invention, but the story behind it including his life story. Zack and Mike discuss the problems with gyms, personal training, stigmas,  and the problems that happen in the gym. Why people don't go to the gym and how to encourage others to get in one.  Mike also goes in depth what personal trainers go through themselves.

   " Behind every invention is a great story" - said just now.. We discuss the importance of working out, and how it affects ourselves beyond the physical payoffs. They're so many issues/problems with todays aspect of gyms, big and small. The problems what get people to get in the gym, what to look for in hiring a personal trainer, and the stigmas of gyms, and of personal training.

   Without a doubt gyms have slowly evolved since the iron days of working out. Smaller gyms being bought out, andseek money vs changing peoples health and their personal goals.

I highly encourage everyone to take a look at Mikes StrongBoard Balance and the INTENSE workout sessions you can do ANYWHERE with ease.
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